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The Petersen Museum is one of the best known and most respected automotive museums in the world. The Petersen is a center for automotive collection and research, a focal point for automotive culture, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution, and an important community asset.

Make your company a part of this vibrant, significant organization! We are dedicated to strategically incorporating our corporate partners into our public services, creatively tailoring efforts that meet each sponsor’s specific marketing or community-engagement objectives. We work closely with our partners to develop programs that make participation with the Petersen dynamic and productive.

There are many ways to support the Petersen while building your company’s brand, enhancing its reputation, reaching its customers or entertaining clients, media or employees.

Exhibit Sponsorship – The Petersen is continually curating – researching, developing, designing, presenting – dramatic, intriguing new exhibits that present remarkable vehicles and artifacts, and entertainingly give insight into their creation and their historic and cultural importance. These exhibits present a wide range of ways for a corporation to be systemically integrated, including “Presented by” naming rights, company history integration, consumer and trade marketing, events and social media exposure.

Educational Program Sponsorship – Education is one of the Petersen Museum’s most important endeavors.  Reaching children, families and adults with informative, relevant and entertaining information is a priority, and the museum’s numerous public programs include school tours, afterschool events, seminars and panel discussions, Family Fun Days, workshops, gallery talks and custom tours. Corporate support of the Petersen’s education efforts is critical to its continuing and expansion.

Gallery Sponsorship – The Petersen is organized around a number of unique galleries. In the first floor’s revolutionary StreetScape, visitors literally walk through the history of the automobile and the environments in which it developed.  Other venues include revolving exhibit space, and galleries dedicated to Hollywood, Alternative Power, Automotive Fine Arts and the motorcycle, among others. All of these present corporate partners with a host of opportunities, from naming rights to events, product placement to relationship marketing.

Library and Archive Sponsorship – A key element in the Petersen’s mission and vision is its role a respected research institution, for academics and industry. Corporate support for the expansion of the museum’s library and artifact archive is of major importance to these facilities fulfilling their promise.

“Official” Supplier Sponsorship – You’re known by the company you keep. Have your company become the “Official ________________” of the world-renowned Petersen Automotive Museum! Such a relationship can help build a brand’s reputation with consumers, media and other corporate audiences.

In-kind support of goods or services – The Petersen encompasses about a half a million square feet, including the building, attached parking structure and an entire city-block basement (where the over three hundred cars in museum’s collection are stored). The job of maintaining and improving this facility is constant. Contributions supporting this vital work play a very important part in allowing the Petersen to stay focused on its core mission.

Beautifully located in the heart of Los Angeles on the famed Miracle Mile, anchoring “Museum Row,” the Petersen is close to many other major attractions along with other great destinations, hotels and great dining. A world-class reputation, a first class facility, a collection of over three hundred historically significant vehicles, a dynamic location and a remarkable staff make the Petersen Automotive Museum a partner with whom you’ll enjoy working!

Corporate sponsorship helps the Petersen fulfill its mission, host a myriad of public education programs, provide visitors with multi-media learning materials, and work toward achieving its vision. As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit cultural institution, operated by the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation, support of the Petersen is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Please contact us to start the conversation on how your company can make a difference, in its marketing and to the Petersen Automotive Museum. One call could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Adam Langsbard
Chief Marketing Officer

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