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Journalism Seminar

September 20, 2014

Please join us on Saturday, September 20th from 11:00am to 1:00pm for our Journalism Seminar with some of the industry’s top automotive journalists. A talk, Q&A session, and meet and greet with our panelists will give current writers and journalists, aspiring writers, and fans a chance to learn more about the work that promotes, shares, and informs the public about what is current and exciting in automotive news and culture.


Panelists- More to be announced: 

Dave Kunz- ABC7

Dave Kunz has been the Eyewitness News Automotive Specialist since 2001. In addition to his duties as a photographer and editor, his on-camera work makes ABC7 the only station in Southern California with a dedicated reporter covering automobiles and related topics. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Dave always gravitated toward the Southern California car culture. His television career started in an unusual way, however. Dave was offered a "temporary, part-time job" at KABC-TV while in college as a business major. Though business would always be something to fall back on (keeping his family happy), broadcasting was continually calling his name. He went on to a formative career in television, first at KTLA and then back at KABC.

Elana Scherr - Hot Rod

A California native, Elana worked as a sculptor's assistant after graduating from UCLA with an art degree. Her fabrication experience eventually led to composite work in motorcycle racing and a stint in automotive PR. She is currently a Staff Editor at Hot Rod magazine and makes occasional video appearances on the Motor Trend channel. She owns six cars, none of them newer than 1976.

Jeff Glucker- Hooniverse

Jeff Glucker started on the business side of the automotive industry but quickly realized that the editorial side is far more interesting. He helped launch a blog at before creating his own website From there he's written for Autoblog, MotorAuthority, The Car Connection, Autobytel, and a handful of other outlets. He's expanded his focus from writing and photography to now include video production in support of his growing YouTube channel.

Aaron Robinson- Car and Driver

Growing up near Detroit, Aaron belongs to the one family in town that has absolutely nothing to do with cars, and is thus certain he was adopted. Classmates at the University of Michigan, where he slithered through with a liberal arts degree in 1991 having completed perhaps 30 percent of the required reading, helped him land a brief job as a car-washer for Automobile magazine which ended soon after he sent a memo to magazine founder David E. Davis Jr. with a few driving tips. After that, Robinson worked at several different publications. Somewhere along the way, he acquired a taste for diverting old cars from a well-deserved trip to the junkyard. Robinson currently owns a 1970 Lamborghini Espada, a 1948 Buick Special Sedanet, and a 1942 Dodge WC54 U.S. Army field ambulance, which spent 70 years in Europe before finally coming home from the war in 2014. Ask him about it and you'll learn why it has real sand in it from Utah Beach. Robinson joined the staff of Car and Driver in 2000.

A.J. Gordon- Carstories

A.J. Gordon  overseas the daily news stories, interviews and articles for, the Petersen Automotive Museum's enthusiast portal -- which currently attracts 50,000 unique visitors per month.Prior to joining the Petersen Automotive Museum, A.J. worked in radio at Los Angeles stations KLOS, AMP Radio, JACK FM and KROQ. He produced interviews for radio station’s websites and coordinated concert live streaming.

Matt D'Andria -, CarCast with Adam Carolla

In addition to being the Founder/CEO of, Matt currently co-hosts the top-rated automotive podcast, CarCast, with Adam Carolla. He recently produced and hosted the popular Internet video show, Car Collectors, for GQ Magazine, and is Executive Producer for the upcoming feature film documentary, "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman."

KJ Jones- Diesel Power

The 2013 Robert E. Petersen Motorsports Journalist of the Year, KJ Jones is a legend in the high-performance Mustang community. He was recently promoted to Editor-In-Chief of Diesel Power, one of the automotive industry's healthiest niche magazines. KJ graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Communications. His career has also included work in network radio and television, Internet/online media, Ford Service, BMW Service and Internet/online automotive data.

David Undercoffler - Los Angeles Times

Auto writer David Undercoffler is responsible for reviewing new cars and also covers industry news, auto shows, classic cars, and anything else motorized. Originally from New York by way of Boston, he’s been with the L.A. Times since 2007. David considers the Eagle Sundancer the apogee of the automotive

Blake Z. Rong - Autoweek

After graduating from Syracuse University, Blake Z. Rong drove across the country to write about cars, a journey he pretends was of Kerouackian proportions and involved a lot of Motel 6s. Since joining Autoweek, he has been writing about cars and the people who build them, race them, and occasionally drive tanks over them.