1910 Ford Model T Speedster

Third Floor - History

Regarded as the car that “put America on wheels,” the Ford Model T was popular because it was larger, less expensive, and offered better performance than other low-cost cars of the day. Priced at a competitive $825 in 1910, the first 800 Model Ts were pilot production cars that differed from subsequent models in that they had a two-pedal/two-lever shifting mechanism, a water pump, and were available in colors. Later cars used a less complicated three-pedal/one-lever transmission system, had thermo-siphon cooling, and were available only in black. A top, windshield, and headlights were extra cost options. Although Ford had produced more than 15,000,000 Model Ts by the time production ceased in 1927, those built early in the first year of production are exceedingly rare because of their limited production and “experimental” status.

Collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum

Image by: Jacob Nuibe Photography