1925 Ford Model T “Golden Star"

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America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Winner 1989 and 1991

Another example of the Model T as a blank canvas, this modified 1925 “T- bucket” is a two-time AMBR winner. “AMBR” stands for “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” and since the award was first given in 1950, it’s one of the most prestigious awards in the hot rod world. To win AMBR, builders don’t aim to produce a regular road car, but more a work of automotive art. A two-time AMBR winner is especially rare – only four cars have ever won AMBR twice – and any car entered twice requires significant alterations in appearance. Expertly constructed by noted hot rod builders Ermie Immerso and Don Thelan, Golden Star was awarded the AMBR trophy an unprecedented two times in three years. Parts of two Model T Fords were used to create the body. Virtually all components, both functional and decorative, were either specially detailed or hand-fabricated from scratch. All gold plating is 24 karat and can be seen on several of the engine components; even the brake calipers are covered in gold. Fully operational, Golden Star is powered by a 255-cubic inch 1965 Ford double overhead-cam Indy racing engine with the exhaust and intakes swapped for visual impact. It helped raise the already high standard embraced by individuals who continue to construct ever more dazzling vehicles in an effort to win the coveted AMBR award.