1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I Town Car

The Vault presented by Hagerty®

By Hooper
Previously owned by Fred Astaire

This opulent town car was purchased in the UK after Fred Astaire’s first sold-out stage show in London’s West End and customized by Hooper of Westminster. As the name implies, town cars were intended for city use on formal occasions. The design was a holdover from the horse-and-carriage era when the driver sat in the open regardless of the weather while the passengers sat comfortably inside. This ultra formal vehicle has a sumptuously appointed rear compartment complete with green brocade upholstery, silver plated fittings, his and hers English Silver vanity sets, silver bud vases, and two walking sticks, one fitted with a telescope, the other with opera glasses. For added durability, the front seat was clad in leather, but for the rear cabin, the plush interior was upholstered in silk with a brocade pattern. Note the speaking tube, which allowed Astaire to give directions to his driver. The Louis Vuitton trunk in the rear contains a top hat and replacement shirt collars, a portable chair, cricket and tennis bats. Astaire loved his Rolls town car so much, he shipped it back to New York City once the show in London had completed its run, and was regularly noted by the society sections of the New York papers, being driven about town in his Rolls-Royce. Fred Astaire owned this car until 1950 and used it in London, New York and Los Angeles.