1932 Ford roadster “prickly heat” by Robert Williams

First Floor - Artistry

Prior to its current state, this ‘32 Ford Roadster sported an oxide-primered, purposely “unfinished” look that echoed the hot rods Robert Williams’ childhood. Called Eights & Aces, it is widely considered to have been the first Rat Rod. However, Williams decided to completely remake the car in 2001. Painted in shocking purple and chartreuse livery that obscures the lines of the car, Prickly Heat pokes fun at the “rules” of hot rod paint by adopting the look of early-1940s stock cars. A cartoon character of a “cactus running with its ass on fire” inspired the car’s name, and the door was given a gold -leafed, three digit series of odd numbers because event numbers are “too happy.”

Courtesy of the artist.