1939 Moto-Scoot Moto-Kar Deluxe

Second Floor - Industry

After producing the top-selling Moto-Scoot scooter, Chicago-based entrepreneur Norman Siegal began manufacturing the small, three wheeled “Moto-Kar” in the late 1930s. The Moto-Kar had three-wheel independent suspension and an engine positioned behind the leather-upholstered seat. This Moto-Kar, the only 21⁄2-horsepower deluxe model known to survive, retains its original “fat man” steering wheel that pivots away for ease of entry. Readily adaptable to fill a variety of needs, Moto-Kars could be equipped with cargo bodies for light deliveries, pontoons for fun on the water, and heavy steel bumpers for racing.

Collection of Jerry and Brenda Perkins