1959 Cadillac Sedan "New Improved Ultima Suprema Deluxa" by Kenny Scharf

First Floor- Artistry

Kenny Scharf is a bi-coastal artist and early contributor to Juxtapoz magazine. His highly experiential and immersive works often feature pop culture icons, cartoon characters, and futuristic scenes rendered in airbrush-like oils or day-glo painted assemblage. New Improved Ultima Suprema Deluxa is built on a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado and features anthropomorphic creatures floating among space-age cultural symbols. In the trunk is an otherworldly installation of found objects. The name is a nod to the hyperbolic language of the advertising age in keeping with the mid-century sensibility of the car. Underglow lighting completes the illusion that the vehicle is headed into a post-nuclear, retro-future timeline.

Private Collection, Courtesy of Honor Fraser Gallery