c. 1964 "Orbitron" by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

First Floor - Artistry

Designed by Ed Newton and constructed in fiberglass by Ed Roth, the Orbitron perfectly represents the “space age” aesthetic of the 1960s, with its asymmetrical design and bubble top. Constructed using separate red, green, and blue (RGB) lights, the headlight is intended to produce a single white beam when mixed, much like the integrated color television, connecting interior and exterior elements. Unlike his other bubble top show cars, the Orbitron was based on the slingshot dragster developed by Mickey Thompson, which places the driver over the rear wheels. Once thought to be destroyed, the Orbitron was rediscovered in 2007. Later purchased by Beau Boechmann, the Orbitron underwent an extensive restoration led by Dan Shuten of Galpin Motors.

Courtesy Beau Boeckmann, Galpin Motors