1964 Porsche 901

Second Floor - Industry

Considered one of the most recognizable sports cars in the history of the automobile, the Porsche 911 debuted in September 1963 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. First called the 901, the new model was renamed the 911 when Peugeot claimed the worldwide trademark rights to all three-digit car model designations with a “0” as the middle number. Advanced in comparison to the Volkswagen-derived Porsche 356 engine, the newly designed Porsche 901/911 power unit was a two-liter, air-cooled flat six that produced 130 horsepower. Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour was a brisk 8.3 seconds. Of approximately 40 prototype 901s produced, a mere five are believed to have survived. The donor painstakingly restored this car to prize-winning condition over a period of several years.

Collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum, gift of James G. and Rachel E. Stull