2002 Jaguar xkr

Third Floor - History

Driven in Die Another Day (2002)

DESIGNER: Geoff Lawson (2002 XK)
BUILDER: Jaguar Cars
BASED ON: 2002 Jaguar XKR

Driven by the villainous henchman Tang Lin Zao (Rick Yune) in the James Bond film Die Another Day, the Jaguar XKR was equipped with grille-mounted missiles, rocket launchers on the doors and a Gatling gun. As James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) attempts to escape the villain’s ice palace, a dramatic car chase ensues across a frozen lagoon. For filming the scene, both Zao’s Jaguar and Bond’s Aston Martin were rebuilt on shortened Ford Explorer four-wheel drive chassis for improved grip and better handling on the slippery surface.

Collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum; Gift of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust