lo - rider skateboard

First Floor - Artistry

2010 | Joey Ruiter

Like rugged mountain bikes, competition road bikes, and slow-paced beach cruisers, Joey Ruiter’s Inner city bike 36 is designed for a specific environment, in this case the modern inner city. The bike offers only what is essential for cutting through short, circuitous routes punctuated by highly populated spaces. Economies of materials, scale and process reduce the bicycle to its most basic elements. With only a seat, two wheels, grips, brakes, and a means of propulsion, Ruiter’s bicycle is a fresh take on a mode of transportation that has been re-imagined for centuries. While its speed may be limited, Inner city bike 36 gives a rider what is needed to deftly weave in and out of traffic, navigate hills and curves, and easily start and stop.

Courtesy of J.RUITER