First Floor - Artistry

As depicted in TRON: Legacy (2010)

Designers:  Ryan Church, Harald Belker, Tim Flattery, Ed Natividad and Daniel Simon
Builder: Wildfactory
Based on: N/A

The Tron Universe was first introduced in the film TRON (1982) and further elaborated in the sequel TRON: Legacy (2010), as well as subsequent graphic novels and video games. In each iteration, a series of “light vehicles” have been introduced, however, common to all is the use of Light Cycles. Categorized as “Users” and “Programs” based upon their respective worlds, characters move about “The Grid,” a digital frontier inside of a computer server. Programs utilize the Light Cycle like a motorcycle to travel within Tron City. Once inside the Game Grid arena, Light Cycles can leave behind a ribbon of light into which contestants force opponents to crash.

Inspired by Syd Mead’s original designs for TRON (1982), the TRON: Legacy Light Cycle only partially envelops the driver, allowing for greater dexterity and visibility. The fifth generation of Light Cycles are fueled by pure liquid energy, which allows it to leave behind ribbons of light. With a non-pivoting front wheel, steering is achieved by leaning, and greater speed is created by pushing the front and rear further apart, which lowers the rider’s profile and exposes the mid-mounted engine.

Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company