reboot buggy

First Floor - Artistry

2013 | Joey Ruiter

Desiring to explore a scenario in which a vehicle’s most basic purpose ultimately determines its design, Joey Ruiter intentionally excluded from the Reboot Buggy any non-essential amenities that modern manufacturers use to attract consumers to their products. Using the same basic elements embodied in the most ancient precursors to the automobile, Ruiter suggests how dramatically different the result could have been had the automobile been able to construct itself. The resulting design dissociates the Reboot Buggy from the historical development of any single technology and its reference to a particular point in time.

Equipped with a 470-horsepower Chevrolet V-8 and four-wheel independent suspension, the Reboot Buggy was built up from common salvage yard parts that were assembled using basic tools and Ruiter’s welding expertise. Defined by what it is not as much as what it is, the Reboot Buggy exemplifies Ruiter’s method of creating the desired aesthetic by first deconstructing, then reconceptualizing a “timeless” design. It remains a vehicle capable of offering a desirable level of driver comfort even as it conquers whatever any terrain it encounters despite its having been unburdened by the theoretical demands of technology.

Courtesy of J.RUITER