First Floor - Artistry

2015 | United Nude | Rem D. Koolhaas

The bespoke, four-wheeled wedge known as “The Lo Res Car” is a fully functional representation of a Lamborghini Countach (originally designed by Marcello Gandini) that has been subject to extreme deresolution. Koolhaas and the United Nude team applied the styling principles apparent in their other Lo Res Project to achieve the purest shape possible, which is defined by an angular steel frame fitted with smoked polycarbonate bodywork. Fully operational, the Lo Res Car does without traditional doors, requiring occupants to lift the body from the front of the vehicle for access to functional components that include a cockpit with tandem seating, a hexagonal steering wheel, and an electric drivetrain. The car was awarded a Wallpaper magazine design award in 2016 and has appeared in music videos including New Freezer by Rich the Kid featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Courtesy of United Nude