Consumer car

First Floor - Artistry

2016 | Joey Ruiter

The Consumer Car represents a radical rethinking of the economy car’s relationship to the fundamentals of motoring. Focusing on “the drive” as a transformative experience that combines both performance and attitude, the car is meant to reconnect the concept of an economy car with a lost sense of inspiration and wonder. Refined to a radically minimalist form, the Consumer Car negates most conventional thinking behind automotive design.

Concealing the wheels, Ruiter’s design resembles more of a levitating trapezoidal mass with little reference to its basic function as a mode of transportation. The matte black exterior, which absorbs, or “consumes,” all wavelengths of light, is contrasted with the forward-facing mirrors, which both reflect light and simultaneously mask bands of LED’s that project light forward. Drawing parallels between the practice of driving and the experience of light, the Consumer Car examines numerous forces of consumption, including those attributed to the car itself, that act upon the production of an automobile, beginning with the logic of its design.

Courtesy of J.RUITER