lo - rider skateboard

First Floor - Artistry

2011 | Joey Ruiter

Illustrating the power of design to transform even the most staple forms of transportation, Joey Ruiter proposes a new variation to the traditional skateboard. Discarding the slender pointed nose of most longboards, Lorider employs a wide rectangular base with cutouts that allow the wheels to pass through as the rider angles the skateboard during turns. The interplay of positive and negative shapes outline the intersection of the boards flat plane and the cylindric wheels. Handles centered on either side of the board eliminate the need to carry the skateboard cradled under one’s arm, giving it the same level of professional sophistication as a briefcase. The simplicity of its design is almost deceptive; the overall aesthetic conceals the equal attention given to the skateboard as both a mode of transportation and an object that is transported.

Courtesy of J.RUITER