First Floor - Artistry

Driven in Blade Runner (1982)  

Designer: Syd Mead and Gene Winfield
Builder: Sam Foose
Based on: c.1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle

While building the vehicles for Blade Runner, Gene Winfield conceived of a small coupe called “The Everyman Car,” a “People’s Car” of the future. Drawing on the history of totalitarian regimes, its diminutive stature stands in stark contrast to the luxurious Deckard Sedan and technologically sophisticated Police Spinner. Added to the lineup of vehicles, the coupe reflects everyday experiences under intense policing and a highly stratified society, where the most wealthy have already abandoned the world to live “off-planet.”

In all, Gene Winfield produced 25 cars for Blade Runner, eight of which were these small coupes, constructed by Sam Foose. The “Everyman’s Car” appears throughout the film as passenger vehicles, taxis and delivery cars. Of the original eight used in filming, this is the only coupe to survive. During production, it was used in several street scenes before its roof was shortened in order to create a sense of forced perspective when placed in the background.

From the personal collection of Gene Winfield