2054 Lexus Coupe

First Floor - Artistry

Driven in Minority Report (2002)

Designer: Harald Belker
Builder: CTEK, LLC
Based on: n/a

When the PreCrime police division’s three psychic Precogs predict that officer John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is going to commit murder, Anderton flees and the police initiate a manhunt. Chased into a fully-automated car factory, Anderton falls onto a moving production line while struggling to get away from Justice Department agent Danny Witwer (Colin Farrell). From the side, Witwer then watches as the Lexus coupe is assembled around Anderton, who quickly drives it off the line and escapes out of the city.

For the film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story The Minority Report, car designer Harald Belker was tasked with imagining what transportation would look like 50 years in the future. Levitating “maglev” pods were used as a form of transportation within the city’s network of magnetic highways, but “off-grid” cars such as the 2054 Lexus were needed to go beyond the boundaries of the city system and operate on standard roads. In the film, the all-electric car functions by voice activation and features a biometric security system.

Courtesy of Steven Spielberg and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation