Art Center Car Classic

DATE: OCTOBER 29, 2018

Photos by: Ted7

Behind every beautifully designed car, from the 1938 Opel Kapitan to the 2018 Tesla Model 3, stands an innovative designer—one most likely educated at ArtCenter College of Design.

Auto enthusiasts, car collectors, Petersen board members, Checkered Flag members, history buffs and weekend adventurers joined together at Car Classic 2018, where they celebrated the 70th anniversary of the College’s Transportation Design program.

  • Attendees got up-close-and-personal with rare automobiles, motorcycles and stunning concept cars representing seven decades of ArtCenter’s influence in transportation design

  • Met the innovative designers who brought these visions to life

  • Heard the stories behind some of the most iconic vehicles of our time

  • And much, much more!

More than a high-profile car show, ArtCenter’s annual Car Classic honored the very best in industrial design, showcased the College’s strong ties to industry, and celebrated the indelible mark ArtCenter alumni have made on the world of transportation, all in a friendly environment and beautiful location.

Learn more about the ArtCenter College of Design and its partnership with the Petersen!