Annual Carroll Shelby Breakfast Club Cruise-In

DATE: JANUARY 27, 2018



The Petersen Automotive Museum celebrated the 95th birthday of Carroll Hall Shelby with its January Breakfast Club Cruise-In.  Hundreds of Shelby Mustangs and Cobras flocked to the Petersen to join in on the celebration.

Central to the history of the museum, Shelby and Robert E Petersen were friends for over 50 years.  Many of Shelby’s cars were often featured in Mr. Petersen’s magazines, including Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Sports Car Graphic, and Car Craft.  One of the vehicles in the Museum’s permanent collection is a 1969 GT 350 coupe, owned by Carroll Shelby and then Robert E Petersen.

While Bagels and coffee replaced birthday cake, the celebration, weather, and car turn out was nothing short of spectacular.  Lynn “Mr. Cobra” Park even brought many of his cars for display.

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Photos by Kirk Gerbacht