Movie Night: Cars 3

DATE: AUGUST 31, 2018


Lightning McQueen is back!

Struggling to maintain his lead in the ever-evolving world of racing, Lightning McQueen is finding that his old-school methods no longer measure up to the younger, high-tech racer of today.  In an effort to remain relevant, Lightning McQueen undergoes training at a cutting-edge facility for new race cars, only to find that maybe he’s not cut out for this new world of racing.

Unwilling to give up, he pushes himself to train harder, faster, and smarter with the help of his team.  His career rests on the outcome of one race - will Lightning McQueen triumph?

The Petersen Automotive Museum showed Cars 3 on the P3 parking level.  The Rob and Melani Walton Discovery Center stayed open late with a special Cars themed craft for the little racers.  Lightning McQueen himself was there and available for photo ops.

Join us for our next movie night!