1971 De Tomaso Pantera "ADRNLN" by Ringbrothers

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The De Tomaso Pantera made its debut at the New York Motor show in 1970.  Beautiful and fast, the Pantera combined the best of Italian styling and American horsepower.  With its only rival the Chevrolet Corvette, the Pantera was hugely successful in the 1970s.

This once derelict De Tomaso was brought to Ringbrothers by Cheryl Brickle after her husband’s passing to see his custom dream become a reality.  Far past the point of restoration, the Ringbrothers handcrafted every panel from scratch. Collaborating with Nike’s Innovation Skunkworks Design team, Ringbrothers updated the Pantera’s Italian styling, while Nike’s team designed the striking two-tone interior, completing the transformation.  With the only stipulation from Cheryl Brickle being that the car be painted yellow, the Ringbrothers had complete creative control.

With the interior of the car being just as extravagant as the outside, the Ringbrothers spared no expense when bringing to life this De Tomaso Pantera.  With a LS3, 600 horsepower engine, built by Wegner Automotive, ADRNLN has the speed to match its beauty. Likewise, the Pantera’s signature roar is created by a pair of Flowmaster stainless steel mufflers and custom-built headers.  

During its debut at SEMA in 2013, “ADRNLN” won “Best in Show” and has since received numerous awards and been featured on several magazine covers.

The 1971 Ringbrothers Pantera “ADRNLN” presented by Prestone will be displayed alongside Elvis’ 1971 De Tomaso Pantera for the first time ever. Find them on the 3rd floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum until November 28, 2018.

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