Scaled Up

The 2017 ValleyCon Show at the Petersen

2017 marks the second time that the annual ValleyCon scale modeling convention has been hosted at the Petersen. This show brings some of Southern California’s best model makers and their work to one location so the public can enjoy it. This year there were 639 models for visitors to admire as they walked through the museum. The theme was Sci-Fi Armor leading to a focus on space ships and mech suits to check out in addition to a truly epic 6’x6’ flying city which was built by hand to be used in a film to raise money to fight childhood cancer. With the influence of Hollywood so abundant, the model makers of Southern California are truly a cut above.


This year’s ValleyCon expanded beyond the confines of the Mullin Family Grand Salon space on the first floor and also took over the 2nd floor Bruce Meyer Family Gallery with a small modeling marketplace which offered older, no longer in production kits as well as supplies for scratch building. Famed Japanese model and R/C vehicle company Tamiya had a presence as well which goes a long way to further the legitimacy of this event.

Among the artwork on display – and it really is art – were a selection of WWII dioramas, one of which featured running water! The big draw this year was an amazing steampunk flying city ship which was built to appear in a film called Operation Sunshine that benefitted children’s cancer research. The owner/builder of said model was on hand dressed in full steampunk regalia and his assistant wore a rather fetching jet pack.

The build which took home Best of Show was a fully 3D printed replica of the USS Cygnus from Disney’s 1979 space epic, “The Black Hole.” This model was printed in several separate sections and then assembled. The delicacy of the printing was incredible and the lighting of the model makes it one of the coolest pieces at the show.


While the theme for the show was Sci-Fi Armor, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t plenty of cars on display including a sizable turnout of scale lowriders and gorgeously finished replicas of Le Mans cars. The Richie Ginther Honda F1 car was among our favorites as well but it was a red Porsche Carrera GT that won Best Automobile and which will have the honor of being displayed at the Petersen for the next year.

Once again George Creed of the Pasadena Modelers Society and our very own Leticia Porche have come together to create one of the coolest modeling shows in California and we can’t wait to see what they do to top themselves next year.