Petersen Archive: Jim’s First Pick of the Week

Jims first pick 1.png

The event is the World Championship in Nassau, Bahamas in 1960 organized by the Go Kart Club of America and photographed for Kart Magazine. The photographer is Bob D’Olivo, who was head of the Photography Department at Petersen Publishing from the 1950s until the end in the 1990s. Bob was one of the best and most prolific photographers at Petersen Publishing and definitely the most artistic.

The packed and loaded go-kart in itself makes an interesting still-life, however, it is the triad of the kart, truck, and passerby that really makes this a great photograph. The cropping of the truck and the man’s head adds a visual tension to the composition and his obscured feet and missing arm add to and reflect the tension. The subtle sense of movement as the man walks out of frame is very beautiful to me. 

By: James Hahn