Member Spotlight: Nini Friedman


Name: Nini Friedman

Member Level: Family

Describe why you decided to support the Petersen Automotive Museum with your membership: Since I was a child, my head turned when I saw an old car drive by. ️Those old classic automobiles should be restored and taken care of. They are the joy and pride of our parents and great-grandparents, they drive and look better than all the new cars out there.

Describe a museum vehicle that has significant meaning to you: The black and incredible Rolls Royce that was on view March 2-4, 2018 in L.A Convention Center, made my classic RR look like a nothing car. That is the most incredible AUTOMOBILE I have ever seen

Describe how you found or developed an interest in automobiles: Since I was 7 years old and my dad had old ford and then old Buick, I just loved and admired every time I saw an old car passing me by, my head would turn, is natural I suppose