Member Spotlight: Rick Vargas


Name: Rick Vargas

Member Level: Dual

Describe why you decided to support the Petersen Automotive Museum with your membership:: As a "Dual" museum member, we support the Petersen Auto Museum because we love cars and motorcycles as well as the history, technology, and art. We love the exciting events as well that we are invited to which pretty much pays for itself. With the help of our funding as well as others we want to help preserve and improve the Petersen Auto Museum as much as possible.

Describe a museum vehicle that has significant meaning to you: I love the Back to the Future DeLorean since it really brings back memories of being a huge Back to the Future fan as a kid and became even more awesome to finally see it detailed up close in person!

Describe how you found or developed an interest in automobiles: It started with watching my father as a kid fix and swap engines on cars. I remember that V8 rumble excitement when my father first replaced and installed a rebuilt engine on a 78 Camaro. As soon as it first fired up with a few cranks, my father, rev'd the engine and we took it around the block for a spin. From there, I knew I was going to become a car guy especially from watching and helping my father fix cars!