Member Spotlight: Chip Connor FIA Senate Appointment


The Petersen Automotive Museum benefactor and Checkered Flag 200 member joins motorsport’s top brass

There is no higher authority in motorsports than the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, known to many simply as the FIA. As the governing body of 245 motorsports organizations and 34 racing series across the globe, the FIA drafts and enforces rules regarding the conduct and safety of FIA sanctioned events. They also have a focus on social issues in the automotive world with programs encouraging driver’s education, women in motorsports, and environmentally responsible racing. FIA sanctioned racing series include Formula 1, Formula E, World Rally Championship, World Endurance Championship, and many more. 

We are thrilled to bring you the news that CF200 member and Petersen Automotive Museum benefactor William E. (Chip) Connor was appointed to the Senate of the FIA this past December. This will be his first term as FIA Senator and the appointment makes Chip one of the highest decision-making authorities in motorsports. Chip and the rest of the Senate serve under FIA President Jean Todt. 

Just days before joining the Senate, Chip was also appointed to the Historic Motor Sport Commission of the FIA. The Historic Motor Sports Commission performs many of the same functions as the parent FIA with an emphasis on preserving, displaying and using vehicles of historic significance on the racetrack. They also work with governments around the world to create a policy regarding registration, taxation, maintenance, road safety, and many other issues affecting owners of vintage automobiles.

Congratulations, Chip!

Written by Jeremy Malcolm   

Photo courtesy of Chip Connor