Member Spotlight: John Breslow

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  A lifetime member enjoys his time in the sun with beloved British sportscars

John Breslow has had a passion for cars from an early age, and while living in Nebraska didn’t make it ideal for year-round open-top driving, his switch to Scottsdale now means he gets to enjoy winters a little more. After running and eventually selling a successful welding supply business and a two-term stint as the State Auditor of Nebraska, Breslow and his wife Sonia made the move to the Copper State to enjoy more time with their children and grandchildren, as well as to get more road time in their incredible collection of British classics.

In fact, Breslow’s grandchildren were one of the driving forces behind his choosing to become a lifetime Petersen Member on a recent trip to the museum with his 4-year-old grandson. That trip was spent mostly in the Discovery Center and he felt that it was his duty to help the museum to stay alive for future car lovers.

Breslow‘s collection is exercised regularly and a variety of jaw-dropping classic sports cars, including a 1924 Bentley which he recently took out on track at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs (covered elsewhere in this issue), an original Jaguar XKSS, two E-types, a Mark II and a Lightweight E-Type continuation car that was the focus of a documentary. Inside Jaguar: Making a Million Pound Car followed the painstaking ground-up construction of the new coupes in Browns Lane, using six unallocated chassis numbers for the original racing E-types back in the 1960s.

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The show followed product development boss Martyn Hollingsworth and his team as they tracked down the original blueprints and tools to make the Lightweight dream a reality. Breslow was one of the six lucky customers chosen by Jaguar for the car and it is great to see his excitement about this special machine, along with his promise to use it, race it, and drive it every day rather than lock it away as an investment.

In a recent conversation with the collector, he fondly recalled a trip that most can only dream of: sitting behind the wheel of his Jaguar XKSS, tackling some of the beautiful driving roads in Europe, in particular, the mountain passes and sun-drenched hill towns of Italy and Switzerland. That is true Checkered Flag material! We at the Petersen and the CF200 would like to thank John for his support of the museum as a lifetime Checkered Flag 200 member.

Written By James Mckeone       

Photos courtesy of John Breslow