Member Spotlight: Mitch Katz

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Singer, songwriter, business owner, and long-time Checkered Flag 200 Member Mitch Katz is a rally veteran in his little Alfa

Cars are a family tradition for Mitch Katz. His first car, a 1964 Pontiac Le Mans, was inherited from his uncle. His career in auto leasing is also inherited, this time from a different uncle. Being surrounded by such a deep passion for the automobile is how gear-heads are born, so even as a toddler Katz was pointing out his favorite cars as they passed by – identifying individual makes and models after barely learning how to speak. As he grew, his passion for post-war European cars did as well – specifically Ferrari and Porsche.

Fast-forward to today, and that passion has taken him across the country and around the world. Every chance he gets Katz is visiting car shows. He makes his annual pilgrimage to Pebble Beach, Cavallino, Scottsdale, and Amelia Island in between local cars and coffee visits. For over a decade his car of choice has been a little white 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce – the perfect car he says - and once you find the perfect car do you need any others? When he is torn away from the Alfa (only when it snows in Connecticut), he drives a Volvo XC90 while a Tesla Model 3 awaits to be delivered to his home.

Katz is a familiar face on road rallies around the country. He has taken that little white Alfa on the Colorado Grand, New England 1000, and the Going to the Sun Rally. It was at those events while meeting new friends and admiring old cars, that Katz first heard about the Petersen Automotive Museum. He fell in love with the Petersen’s vision and decided to become a Checkered Flag 200 Member in 2005.

His company, Premier Financial Services, specializes in vintage and exotic auto leasing. He enjoys helping his clients and friends gain access to the best cars in the world – a service that most companies don’t, or won’t, offer given the high dollar values involved. You’ll find Katz at every major auction arranging leases on everything from $50,000 sports cars to $10,000,000 classics. The career has blurred the line between work and play for Katz, who enjoys every day at his place of work.

Katz is also an avid musician with a couple of albums to his name. He has a contemporary style and is a songwriter who mixes crafty lyrics and blues.

Katz says he is fortunate to be involved in the auto industry, doing what he loves every day and helping fellow enthusiasts enjoy their dream cars. He is a content man who finds pleasure in the simple things in life; friends, a guitar, and an Alfa Romeo Giulia. Keep an eye out for Katz at your next rally, concours, or auction, gladly dawning his CF200 shirt and driving that wonderful Alfa.

Story by Jeremy Malcolm        

Photos courtesy of Mitch Katz

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