Petersen Archive: Arnolt-Bristol

arnolt 1.png

This photograph by Don MacDonald was published in the October 1955 issue of Motor Trend accompanying the article “Driving Around with Walt Woron” by Walt Woron. The car that Walt had tested was called the Arnolt-Bristol was the product of three countries. The chassis and engine were made by Bristol of England, the body was manufactured in Italy by Bertone, and the designer/marketeer was Arnolt of Indiana. The car had a top speed of 120 mph and had a cut down windshield and was lacking a top, bumpers and wipers. According to Walt, this was one of three models and selling for $3,995.00 strictly for competition.

The upper half of the photograph was cropped off when printed in the magazine article.  In the full image shown here, the size of the car and its placement in the frame makes for a much more interesting image. The blur of the car contrasts with the crisp background and gives the viewer a sense of the movement and speed of an animal in the wild.

By: James Hahn