Bastille Day 2018


The Bastille Day Rally is an event that has been around for almost 40 years, making it older than the Petersen. Every year on the second Sunday of July, our Checkered Flag members meet at the Petersen and make the drive out to Jim Hull's estate in Malibu. The rally is an opportunity to enjoy the summer weather and show off their prized cars against the blank slate of all-white outfits. Once in Malibu, Checkered Flag members enjoy a catered lunch with champagne and a live band playing in the background. The event has been slowly growing over the past few decades and now includes almost 200 Checkered Flag members and their guests, reflecting the increasing breadth of Petersen membership. Anyone interested in Checkered Flag membership is welcome to join as it offers an opportunity to attend events such as these while supporting their favorite automotive museum.