Digital Exhibition: Chris-Dei B. Ramiro


Name: Chris-Dei B. Ramiro (@Zer030nE)
Vehicle: 1991 Porsche C2

  • RS Short Shift Kit

  • Bilstein Shocks/Struts

  • 17” Cup II Wheels

  • Steve Wong Chip

  • GHL Exhaust

  • RS Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch

How did you find your 964? Where did you find it?

The 1991 Porsche 964 C2 was listed on Craigslist in Northern California – SF Bay Area.

What got you interested in the 964?

It was the last air-cooled model that still preserved, for the most part, the classic look and lines of previous generations with the benefit of modern upgrades. Oh, and Mike Lowrey

What makes the 964 so special?

I was in the market for a classic Porsche back in 2007 but I had to put the dream on hold due to life priorities. Fast forward to 2013 while I was living in Japan and I was finally back in the market and on the hunt for a classic Porsche. During this time my cousin helped me track down potential Porsche(s) for purchase. With him back in California, we would locate a suitable 964 and he would travel out to see the P-car then provide me feedback. Two months and three Porsches inspected later, I received a message urging me to call him back ASAP and that I needed to “buy this car now”; 72 hours and one PPI soon after, the funds were wired and the keys, the car, and the pink slip were transferred. A few months following the transaction, I would move back California where then I would finally register the Porsche and transfer ownership officially in my name. From there I proceeded to take her (Cecelia) on an engaging road trip down to her new residence in Southern California where she has been ever since.