Digital Exhibition: Rodrigo and Carol's 1929 Ford Tudor Model A


Name: Rodrigo and Carol
Vehicle: 1929 Ford Tudor Model A

We, me and my wife, found all the parts of this car on websites that sold vintages items and some new parts on online stores too.

It’s a 1929 Ford Tudor Model A, with a Flathead V8 8ba engine with a blower. We have two copper real submarine hatches (portholes), Two Stromberg Carbs, suicide doors, bare metal with Vernis, Yokohama off-road tires. We have truck REO headlights that were an American brand founded in 1904 and closed the doors in 1970.

We’re so interested in Hot Rods, and it is so special for us because it’s so incredible that all old cars can come to life again and could be riding here in our present days. When we’re riding we see all kinds of people from kids to old men and women, everybody smiling at our car, like magic. So we hope we distribute the same happiness we feel when we are riding.

The customization process lasted about a year and a half. When we started, we had all the pieces we needed to complete our project. All previously bought in websites.

We really want more young people to love this culture, and we’re seeing some today. We think all the people should ride in a hot rod one day to feel the happiness it gave us.

Photos by Carolina Dall Oglio.