Digital Exhibition: Sean Kono


Name: Sean Kono (@konokars)
Vehicle: 1992 Mizwa Eurospec 964 911 3.3 Turbo in Rubystone, Left Hand drive

How did you find your 964? Where did you find it?

I have been looking for a Rubystone 964 every since I went to Luftgekuhlt 3.  Rubystone/Sternrubin (82N) was offered as a bold factory color in 1992.

It may not be a color for everyone, but I'm in love with it.  It stirs a lot of emotions from people when I drive it. "Is it pink, violet, red?"

2 years ago, my good friend Tim Pappas who is a Porsche fanatic and racecar driver/owner of BlackSwanRacing saw the 1992 964 Turbo at Trancas Market in Malibu when they use to have a great Cars and Coffee on Sundays.  He got me in touch with the owner and I was lucky enough to snatch it up.

What got you interested in the 964?

My dad had a white 964 C2 back in the 90s.  When I was in high school we had an agreement that if I washed the C2 on Thursday, I could drive it to school on Friday.  Of course, my high school was 2 blocks away from my house so he watched me cruise over there so I couldn't do burnouts in the parking lot.  I've owned other 911s, 996, 991GT3, but nothing evokes the emotions like a Rubystone 964 Turbo. I recently was able to meet and chat with the Chief Designer of the 964, Ben Dimson.  To hear the design inspirations and internal code names of the 964 were fascinating. My friend Drew @911Cooled set up the meeting and the interview will air on the 911Cooled YouTube channel shortly.  

What makes the 964 so special?

I was born in Japan and still have many of my relatives including my parents who still live there.  This Rubystone Eurospec Left hand drive 964 Turbo was imported to Japan by Mizwa. Mizwa was the sole distributor of Porsches in Japan for over 45 years.  Having a linkage to my homeland and having all the manuals and inspections stickers in Japanese makes it all so special.

Have you made any modifications to your 964?

The original owner lowered the suspension a bit.  I've added the Porsche Classic radio and cleaned up the gauges.  Marco at TLG Auto takes care of all the maintenance needs. Good wrench guy and a fun guy to talk cars, watches, and life in general with.

Photos by Ted Gushue (@tedgushue) 

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