Digital Exhibition: Sebastian Mercader

Photo by Sebastian Mercader (@964life)

Photo by Sebastian Mercader (@964life)

Name: Sebastian Mercader (@964life)
Vehicle: 1993 Amazon Green 964 C2

  • New Black Carpeting

  • 993 Seats (original were destroyed)

  • Custom Cut CocoMats

  • Redone Dash

  • Front Airducts

  • Blower/Heat Delete

  • Resprayed Car to Original Amazon Green

  • Flat 6 Illumination LED Headlights (FLUTTED H4 LENS WITH BLACK DISH)

  • Blood Red Powder Coated Brembo Caliper

  • Suspension: BILSTEIN PSS-10

  • Wheels: Fifteen52 - 52 Outlaws

  • Lightweight RS Flywheel

  • M&M Dual Exhaust with FVD Headers and Cat Bypass (Don't hate me California)

  • FVD Front Strut Brace

  • FVD RS Front Splitter

  • Porsche Classic Radio and updated Focal Speakers, Kicker sub and Alpine Amp (Waste of money, extra weight)

  • Rennline Fully Adjustable Pedals and Driver side Floor Board

Photo by Andres Missair (@halothane77)

Photo by Andres Missair (@halothane77)

Photo by Tony Sarria (@tony_sarria)

Photo by Tony Sarria (@tony_sarria)

Photo by Marco Castro (@marcocastrophoto)

Photo by Marco Castro (@marcocastrophoto)

How did you find your 964? Where did you find it?

I found my 964 on eBay, won the bid in February 2014, and picked up my car in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

What got you interested in the 964?

I wanted an Air-cooled 911 with the classic frog eyes and no spoiler. I do like the Duck Tail and the Whale Tail(Turbo’s Only).

What makes the 964 so special?

What’s better than the last 911 model with the classic lines, improved performance, G50, ABS, working AC, and 3.6 NA Air-cooled Engine?

I remember to this day when I first saw a Porsche. I believe I was 6 years old and I was with my family in my Grandfather’s Citroën CX. It was summer in the late seventies and we were driving through the French Alps when suddenly I heard that distinctive air-cooled symphony getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, a black 930 flew by us at what seemed to me like a million miles per hour! My mother jumped from her seat and started cursing at that speed demon for almost giving her a heart attack. After she calmed down, my grandfather turned around, looked at me with a big smile and said: “I like them better without that big tail.” That’s the day I fell in love with the Air-cooled 911 and I am now a proud owner of a 1993 Amazon Green 964 C2.

Photo by Sebastian Mercader (@964life)

Photo by Sebastian Mercader (@964life)