Digital Exhibition: MayaVan


Name: @mayavanlife

We found the van through an internet ad. TNT was using it for cargo purposes. Then we have converted it into MayaVan.

Traveling is a way of life for our family, not just a touristic event. Carrying your home wherever you travel, having a garden wherever you park and so many amazing ideas attracted us. Becoming "vanlifers" and nomads on the road is amazing; we are following our dreams, they sure know the way.

We did not have a garage or a workshop. That was very challenging for us. Nevertheless, we have managed to find interesting tools and ways to convert our van. It was tough yet totally satisfying for all of us. Everyone in the family joined the crew and took part in the process. Our daughter Maya (8) took the lead in the conversion.

We sincerely hope that the vanlife movement will not be a fad or corrupted. For us, it is a way of following the dreams, becoming free and tranquil.

We love the way we live and like Mahatma Gandhi says; “Live Simply So Others May Simply Live"

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