Digital Exhibition: J. Shia


My name is J. Shia. I own Madhouse Motors in Boston, MA, where we specialize in antique an vintage motorcycle restoration, general maintenance, fabrication and custom builds.

My interest in motorcycles was sparked from an early age when I started riding dirt bikes as a kid. I come from a family of Lebanese stonemasons, metal workers, and mechanics, who have passed down the trade of fixing machines for a handful of generations. When I was a teenager, I went to race school and rode nearly every day until my early 20’s. Because of my family’s heritage, when I started Madhouse Motors, I directed my focus less on riding and more on restoring, fixing and creating bikes.

In the past few years at the shop, I’ve shifted my attention from mainly building custom bikes for clients to also designing projects for myself. The motorcycle in these photos is a 1957 RE Indian that operates with a ‘foot throttle.’ This is the second machine I am creating in a series of unconventionally functioning motorcycles.