Digital Exhibition: Angela Sudmeijer

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Name: Angela Sudmeijer ( @angieray_ )
Vehicle: 2018 Harley Davidson Sportster iron 883.

I always had a passion for motorcycles because my dad took me with him on his motorcycle journeys. I also wanted to eventually get my driver license, especially after my brother got his.

One day I went motorcycling with my brother (he owns a Honda Nighthawk). I was sitting on the back of his bike, and he told me that he had to go to the driving school to pay for his motorcycle lesson(s). Once we arrived at the driving school, he surprised me because he told me that I had my first motorcycle lesson that day. I was a little mad because I didn’t expect this, however after the first motorcycle lesson I was very happy that he did this because I always wanted to ride a motorcycle.

I have continued to take lessons and got my driver license in November 2017. When I had to pick my first motorcycle, it was no surprise to many that I picked the Harley Sportster. I always wanted a Harley Sportster, and people knew that because I always visited Harley Davidson events.

I love exploring with my bike. It’s easier to find small roads and discover some very cool places to ride. Germany is, for example, my favorite country to ride my bike. There's nothing better than twisty roads and the gorgeous sights like the Mosel and Harz. I also love Luxembourg because it has a beautiful countryside with small towns and villages to ride through with my friends and my brother.

What I love the most about riding is the biker community. I’ve made some great friends and met really cool people to ride with. I’m very happy that I’m part of this community.

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Photo by @ducatista_lnr

Photo by @ducatista_lnr

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