Petersen Japanese Car Cruise-In X SS 2019 Meet Pt. 2


When people look back at the 2019 edition of the Petersen Museum's Japanese Car Cruise-In, they will for sure remember that Supra corral rounded up by event organizers for the express purpose of heralding the A90. Say what you will about the Toyotasportscar and its corresponding advanced hype, it is always a special thing when you can pluck good examples of a model through its history and present them in a forum like this year's Cruise-In. Whether your appreciation for cars is through the prism of engineering or design (or both), having all these Marks among one another was a little like a 3D timeline in full size.


We covered the majority of the event in our Part 1 story and deliver here some additional photos from roll in and the fourth level parking, as well as a big ol' contribution from shooter Jonathan Carassco. The scope of the car models ran the gamut, which is something we sort of drive into everyone's head about JCCI, and that includes a lot of unusual rides, too; take, for example, this Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon/Starwagon, a boxy conveyance sold 'round the world in the late 1980s and early '90s (so, overlapping our favorite decade). We're used to seeing these things posted up at Mitsubishi Owners Day each year in Cypress (though not many; their crew usually runs only three or four deep), but to have one of the proto-overland whips show up was a kick.


Well, crank up the cute—these are from Datsun's round era, we'll call it the early 1960s. On the top, a Sports 1200 apparently prepped for heritage racing—this generation of the model was the first Datsun sports car imported to the U.S. and the first to bear the "Fairlady" name. On the bottom, a Datsun Truck from the 320 series produced from '61 to '65—or is it? Apparently, that "1200" badging on the side suggests something slightly older. This high-sided bad boy never even made it Stateside, but that's probably a good thing; if it did, domestic US trucks (even back then) would've had its lunch.


Until just a few years ago, my mom drove a Toyota Tercel (fourth gen.) That thing was a champ. This is way cooler—a Tercel wagon, from the line's second gen. (1980s), and with 4WD four-wheel drive (the fam used to have one of these, too, but the far less hip FWD version). This was one of the first cars to show up to this year's Cruise-In, and its simple, timeless execution (those Panasports are a perfect accompaniment) really cinched it for us, getting us all nostalgic. If only we could be so tasteful in our dad years.

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