Digital Exhibition: Roger Encarnacion

Photo by Jason Manchester

Photo by Jason Manchester

Name: Roger Encarnacion


  • Work Meister s1 18x10.5f, 18x13r. Satin black with RWB etching.

  • Toyo r888r tires 265/35f, 335/30r. (Sponsor)

  • Stoptech front and rear sport pads


  • RS Carpet Kit

  • Recaro pole position in leather

  • Recaro seat mounts

  • Recaro sliders

  • Schroth 6-pt harnesses

  • Das sport roll bar (Sponsor)

  • Momo prototipo Steering wheel

  • Rennline floor mats (Sponsor)

  • Rennline dash panel

  • Rennline pedals

  • Rennline floorboard

  • Rennline fire ext. mount

  • Rennline glovebox delete

  • Halgard fire extinguisher

Track prepped by Dundon Motorsports 2/2019 including: All fluids changed (oil, transmission, brake) and alignment.


  • BMC filter

  • Steve Wong Chip

  • FD Motorsports transmission mount

  • WEVO solid engine mount

  • Rennline reinforced engine carrier

  • A/C delete

  • Fabspeed RSR exhaust (Sponsor)

  • Fabspeed custom x-pipe


  • RWB super wide kit installed by Akira Nakai of Rauh-Welt Begriff.

  • RWB Ducktail trunk lids

  • RWB Champion Wing

  • OEM trunk lid

  • Gaurds red paint by Phantasy Kolors and BASF (Sponsor)

  • Morimoto HIDs and RWB projectors by TheRetroFitSource. (Sponsor)

  • 993 Aero Mirrors


  • KWv3 coilovers

  • KW rear monoball

  • H&R Front and Rear Sway bars

  • Tarrett Engineering drop links

  • Rothsport Racing steering brace

  • Fabspeed front strutbar

Photo by Karl Noakes (@AutomotiveChat)

Photo by Karl Noakes (@AutomotiveChat)

How did you find your 964? Where did you find it?

I found the 964 randomly looking through eBay in the winter of 2015. The car was originally from Oregon and I purchased it from Chicago, IL from an owner who’s had it garaged throughout its ownership. The car had no reserve so it seemed too good to be true so I messaged the owner to setup a call and after speaking him he had to sell quick due to a family situation. After winning the auction, I flew to Chicago to finalize the deal and drove it to my parent’s home 4 hours away in Michigan to arrange for shipping to the Pacific Northwest.

What got you interested in the 964?

I’ve owned several 911’s (996 turbo, 993 c2, 81 SC, 76S) and the plan was to build a track car. It was between a 997 GT3 or something aircooled. The 997 GT3 is an amazing machine on the track however, I wanted to build something unique and off the wall. This is what steered me towards RWB. I really appreciate the sound of a flat six aircooled engine, the visceral driving experience, the smell of oil/gas, and the minimalist interior. I chose the 964 over the 993 because of a few reasons: I appreciate the headlight fender design of a 964 much more and the 964 RWB body lines look much better than the 993 RWB body lines in my opinion. I wanted to build an RWB to track because Akira Nakai’s first RWB “Stella” was intended for the track, the wider fenders were designed to fit a wider wheel/tire setup, and aside from Japan, you don’t see very many RWB’s at your local track. They are very unique and rare. Less than 300 in the world.

What makes the 964 so special?

To me, after owning a 993 c2 at an 81 SC before and the 964 is just the perfect mix between the two. Still has some of the analog driving experience but with a better engine/drivetrain and suspension.