Vehicle Spotlight: Honda Serial One


Honda got its start in America with motorcycles.  After World War II, Honda began adapting generator motors to power bicycles and by 1948, Honda Motor was founded and began making their own motors. Honda’s goal was to make the motorcycle mainstream and their advertising slogan “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” did just that.

The American Auto Industry in the 60s and 70s was growing and expanding.  American manufacturers were making larger family cars to fit the move towards suburban life; the vehicles that were the most popular in America were also the largest.  In 1973, the gas crisis hit America. People were moving away from the larger, gas guzzling cars, looking for a smaller more fuel efficient alternative; Honda was ready to fill that need.

The Honda N600 was Honda’s progression from motorcycles to cars.  Only 50 1967 Honda N600s were manufactured, Serial One -Fifty. Honda brought these cars to the US to test the waters and see whether they were feasible to sell. Honda knew that to be number 1 in the world, they had to first be number 1 in America.

Tim Mings is the current owner of the 1967 Honda N600, serial number 1000001.  Discover his road to the full restoration of Honda Serial One.