Digital Exhibition: Jeff Jones

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Name: Jeff Jones

Vehicle: 1929 Dodge Brothers 4door Sedan

One day while getting my fix of hunting old iron down on Craig’s list I came across this 1929 Dodge Brothers 4door sedan body by Budd. It’s a rare little body and I felt obligated to resurrect her. So, off I went to the Santa Cruz mountains where I dug her up and stole her for $1000 from some little hippie in the hills of Santa Cruz.

 I was raised in a hot rodding family, my grandpa was the neighborhood go-to mechanic, welder, fixer of anything. My father followed in his footsteps and I was more than lucky to get the hot rodding bug while I was young. It’s all I know. It’s truly the best lifestyle I could have ever imagined. I live every day to work on my creations and resurrect old forgotten iron. I’ve always said, “dig them up and drive them.”

    The hot rodding culture and brotherhood is a lifestyle for me; it’s not a weekend thing. It’s 7 days a week, everything you got. It’s not something you choose to do, it’s something that chooses you. It’s was dying, but these last few years it’s been on the rebound.

 I’ve been working on this car for roughly 3-4 years and it’s truly gone to another level. I have a few vintage bead rollers and decided to put them to work. One piece at a time, I’ve managed to create something to be proud of. The body is a 29 Dodge 4door Sedan on a 30 Packard frame that has been highly modified, bagged, linked, chopped, stretched, and dropped. The interior is all hand done copper and aluminum with buck rivets keeping it all together. One hole at a time one bead at a time all hand.