Digital Exhibition: Devon Fulford


Name: Devon Fulford (@riding_with_def)
2018 Triumph Street Twin

What motorcycle do you ride?

Mostly, I ride a 2018 Triumph Street Twin. My partner and I have a small collection of bikes (seven), though, including a 1963 Triumph Tiger Cub and a couple of early 1970s Hondas.

How did you get started riding motorcycles?

I got kind of a late start, as I was not someone who grew up around motorcycles. My dad and brothers periodically had bikes when I was in high school and beyond (and even my mom rode when she as in her twenties), but there was never any major impetus for me to ride my own.

That all changed in 2012. My partner and I were engaged in a long-distance relationship for the first couple of years we were together: I lived in northern Colorado and he resided in Austin, Texas. In October of 2012, we were slated to attend the Harvest Classic motorcycle rally in Luckenbach, Texas (yes: just like the song). He has a 2010 Triumph Speed Triple on which we were both to ride. This is not really a bike built for two people, and to make it even more daunting, I had our weekend's worth of clothing and camping equipment in a huge bag on my back. The ride was uncomfortable, to put it mildly. But, it was also the deciding factor for me to learn to ride on my own! I determined that I needed to be in control of my own bike. In 2013, I got my endorsement after actually moving to Austin.

What is your favorite thing about riding?

There is a calm that riding provides for me that I have not been able to match anywhere else. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried various forms of meditation and activity to calm my psyche and clear my mind--rock climbing, yoga, taking baths--but nothing compares to the incredible peace and happiness that I feel after a ride. Even a quick trip to the local market is better on two wheels! On a motorcycle, you get to experience the natural world around you in a completely different way than in a "cage" (car), on a bicycle, or on foot. Riding also makes you more aware of yourself and the world around you. For me, it truly is a meditative experience.

Do you have a favorite place to ride?

I am so incredibly fortunate to live and work on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. Every single day has the potential for me to experience my favorite place to ride! I am about a ten-minute ride from winding canyon roads that head up into the Rocky Mountains, and even on the Front Range, there is always plenty of opportunities to ride smaller canyons and around lakes and beside rivers. The only (obvious) downside of living where I do is that riding season is truncated by the weather, but when the sun is up and the roads are clear, it scarcely gets any better.

I encourage ANYONE who has an interest in riding to try it out! It does not matter how old you are, or what your personal physiology might be. There are so many different types and styles of bikes that with some searching, any person can find the one that is the right ride for them.

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