Digital Exhibition: Steve Walsh


Name: Steve Walsh
Vehicle: 1937 Ford Phaeton

How did you find your Hot Rod? Where did you find it?

I bought my current hot rod from Portland Oregon, a rusting hulk.  I shipped it back to Australia where it underwent a 5-year transformation.

What got you interested in Hot Rods and “rodding?”

My English teacher drove a ‘34 sedan with wire wheels.  I spent more time looking out the window at the car than studying.

What makes the Hot Rod culture so special?

The cars, the people, and traveling.

Can you describe the customization process of your Hot Rod?

As the car is so rare, we wanted to keep the original style.  We just chopped the windshield 2” and added a Carson style padded top.  Under the hood is a 283 Corvette motor hooked up to a 39 For 3-speed Gearbox and a 40 rear end.  The interior is all leather and is steered by a wheel.