Digital Exhibition: Sammy Morales-Garcia


Name: Sammy Morales-Garcia

My passion for Supras started about six years ago when my cousin took me for a ride in his stock 7m supra. As soon as he pressed down on the pedal, hearing the turbo spool I knew I was hooked. 

My love for Supras grew with each meet I attended. I became more involved in the Supra community and met some amazing people along the way. 

The first time I attended Supras in Vegas back in 2014 gave me the opportunity to network with people from all over the world and learn the secrets that made their Supra journeys successful. From that moment, I knew I would own one. 

My chance came when i stumbled upon a 1992 factory sunroof 1jz single turbo. Supra had only 72k miles. I can confidently say that I love this car, even though it’s been a roller coaster journey. Having owned this beauty for 4 years now I can say I doubt I will be able to part ways.

The car has gone through many changes and always will but that's part of the game. I can always count on the friends I made to assist me with improving it's performance. Car currently makes 510whp and 422tq and was tuned by Travis at Soulless Performance in Arizona.