Digital Exhibition: Dominic Sommer


Name: Dominic Sommer (@domsupra)
Vehicle: 1993 JSpec TT MT Supra

How did you find your Supra? Where did you find it?

My Supra is an original 1993 jspec tt mt from Japan. I found this car on an auction sheet from Japan. It was dark purple and a little bit tuned.

What makes the Toyota Supra so special?

Even since I thought out cars, the Toyota Supra was my dream car. My hobby is my job.  I am a mechanic and I am able to make my dream become a reality.

Have you made any modifications to your Supra?

My supra is totally rebuilt, from the paint to the chassis to the engine and electronics.  It has a newly built engine, and the color is painted only, not a wrap or something. The engine is now a 3.1 liter with twin Garrett gt28 and a flex-fuel system with all racing mods.