Digital Exhibition: Chris Gibbany

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Name: Chris Gibbany

I have been in love with motorcycles and cars my entire life and have been frugal ever since I was a child.  When I was young, I collected Hot Wheels and toy motorcycles.  I learned to ride a motorcycle on my brother’s Yamaha Exciter before I learned to drive.  While attending college on full scholarships and working full time, I saved every penny I could.  I ended up buying two 1978 Camaros and was intent on buying a third when my other passion kicked in and I purchased my first motorcycle, a Yamaha DT enduro.  Both of my cars and my motorcycles were purchased with cash that I had been saving.

Later in life, I bought a 1987 Yamaha TW200 enduro that I rode for eight years and purchased several Yamaha Viragos.  I still ride a 1993 TW200 that my husband gave me for my birthday this year. 

In 2008 an obsession kicked in that has STILL not waned; I bought my first Harley, a 1981 Ironhead to build into my dream bike that I called "Iron Man.”  I completed it in 2010, with help from my husband after building it in a backyard shed. It ended up winning "Best of Show" at every event I took it to that year.  “Iron Man” was featured in countless international and national magazines.

In 2009, I bought a 1956 Harley Panhead engine after telling a guy I was looking to buy a Knucklehead.   It took me over six years to build and I call it "Panacea," which means a solution or remedy for all difficulties.  After riding "Iron Man," my Pan rides like a dream! 


Even though I had the Panhead and Ironhead, I still wanted a Knucklehead.  I intended to buy a big fancy house in 2012, but at the last minute regained my common sense and instead used my down-payment money to buy a 1939 Knucklehead engine.  After riding the Ironhead for six years, I sold it to further my Knucklehead. Just like the Pan, it took me almost six years to complete this build, but it is by FAR the best riding bike I have ever ridden! I call this bike “Delirious” because that’s how it makes me feel every time I ride it!

Since having two Knuckles is better than one, I am building a 1937 Knucklehead that I have dubbed "Redemption" to raise awareness of narcissistic abuse.  My narcissistic mother died in 2015 and after fighting for over two years, we settled the estate.  I used my portion, the part that didn’t go to attorney fees, to purchase this project.  From the moment I brought it home, GOD put the name in my head as my redemption is to set others free.

Sponsors who are helping me with this build include Avon Tyres, Spectro Oils, Baker Drivetrain, Lowbrow Customs, Pingel, Epoch Eyewear, Biltwell, TC Bros, and Star Brite.  Paughco came on as a sponsor as did S&S Cycle, Old Bike Barn, JIMS USA, Beatnik Industries and Evapo-Rust.

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I am the Arkansas Representative for the Global Women Who Ride project and host many events in the motorcycle and car community.  I am the editor of Renegade Magazine and work for Throttle Gals Magazine.  After winning the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover in 2014, Sara now lets me give updates about my projects on the Garage-Girls website.  I am also a contributor to Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys,, and Arkansas Wild Magazine.  

I became the official ambassador for motorcycle tourism for the entire state of Arkansas in 2017, and I am featured on Spectro Oil's latest ad!  Over the Fourth of July holiday, “Biker Lives Matter”, a new Safety Organization that is trying to lower injury and deaths of motorcyclists who travel in the United States selected me as their Arkansas Ambassador. 

I LOVE to ride; it’s that simple!  Sometimes I feel like I will go insane if I cannot go jump on one of my bikes.  I feel like riding gives you a certain form of “power” and it gives you the sense of freedom that makes all of your troubles disappear. When I need to clear my head, nothing does a better job than getting on a bike and just blasting down the road.  I also like to talk to GOD when I ride plus I like to think about my next big project or some goal that I am working on.

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Since I live in the beautiful Ozarks, I have a vast array of great riding opportunities right outside my door.  I am from Searcy County and I spend much of my time riding there. Searcy County has such a laid back feel to it.  The communities are small, great scenery is all around, while changes in elevation combined with plenty of twisties equal perfect riding.  Having very little traffic on the roads is a big plus! I support locally owned businesses all I can and Searcy County has some great places to eat!  My husband and I like to ride our vintage Harleys on the gorgeous motorcycle routes that are in their ride-guide while we also like to take our matching Yamaha enduros to see the back roads, dirt roads, and creeks that abound in the area. 

I live a very "old school" way of life.  My husband and I live without television, microwave, dishwasher, clothes dryer, etc.  The only meat we eat is what we kill; we forage for mushrooms and other edibles when the seasons allow; I only shop in thrift stores and probably don't spend $25 a year on clothes and only spend $100 a month on food that we don't grow or kill.  I am not on Facebook or any other social media. 

My goal is to empower people to live their best lives.  I am passionate about spreading my love of vintage motorcycles to everyone, young and old, male or female.  I want to let people know that if you have your priorities straight, you can accomplish almost anything!  I encourage others to be passionate and to make a difference in others’ lives.  ACTION is what makes the presence of GOD felt in this world.

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