c. 2019 Spinner “Deckard’s Sedan”

First Floor - Artistry

Driven in Blade Runner (1982)

Designer: Syd Mead
Builder: Gene Winfield
Based on: c.1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a former officer of the special Blade Runner Unit of the LAPD, which is assigned with tracking down dangerous “replicants”--bioengineered androids created by The Tyrell Corporation--and “retiring” them. Deckard’s personal vehicle is Police Sedan Number 56, a “state of the art” spinner that has been decommissioned and stripped of its ability to fly, with fore and aft external aerodynamic panels, vectoring nozzles, and directional control valves removed.

Confined to surface streets, Deckard’s Sedan and its police counterparts are seen in relation to some of Los Angeles’s most notable landmarks, including: the 2nd Street tunnel under Bunker Hill, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House (Deckard’s apartment) and the Bradbury Building (J. F. Sebastian's apartment). In a state of decay, these monuments imply a future city aged and worn by time. In an alternate ending, Deckard and Rachel (Sean Young) escape the gritty city in the sedan surrounded by a lush green landscape.

Courtesy of the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum