employment at the Petersen

Welcome to the employment page of the Petersen Automotive Museum. To see a brief description of the position that interests you, select the position title. Human Resources will review each applicant’s qualifications for compatibility with available openings. Should a potential fit exist, Human Resources will contact the applicant directly.

An Equal Opportunity Employer: It is the policy of the Petersen Automotive Museum to provide all persons with equal employment practices and opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, veteran or marital status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. 


Please include a copy of the Employment Application Form in your email when applying to open position. 

Curatorial Assistant

The Curatorial Assistant will assist in all aspects of conceptualizing, planning, organizing, and implementing exhibitions. S/he will also share in the general responsibilities of the department, including the care of the collection, reviewing potential acquisitions, and representing the department with donors, lenders, staff, interns, volunteers, members, and the general public as needed.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist with development and realization of exhibitions

  • Serve as point person for external collaborators, including guest curators, exhibit lenders, and exhibit vendors

  • Research, write and edit content for exhibition descriptions and curatorial texts, including catalogs gallery guides, training documents, communications, and marketing materials

  • Collaborate with colleagues across departments in order to streamline communications and help promote the museum’s collection and exhibitions

  • Assist with installation, de-installation, maintenance, and documentation of temporary and permanent exhibitions

  • Respond to inquiries regarding exhibitions, the museum collection, and potential acquisitions

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience

  • Knowledge of museum and exhibition preparation procedures

  • Highly skilled at writing, editing and proofreading

  • Archival research experience

  • Strong interpersonal communication and organizational

  • Team player who can smoothly manage interoffice activity and work well under deadlines

  • Microsoft Office proficiency

  • Above-average knowledge of, and interest in, automobiles and automotive history

*We ask all applicants to submit a writing sample on any subject when submitting their resume, with a minimum of 300 words. They will also be expected to produce a second writing sample post-interview on a subject of our choice.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@petersen.org, and insert Curatorial Assistant in the subject line.

Tour Guide

Tour Guides at the Petersen must learn and retain knowledge of the cars and other relevant artifacts that make up the collection and articulate the most interesting stories about those cars to the public. Tours may cover the whole museum or select portions of the museum, including the Vault. Tour groups can range from families with children up to senior groups, and can include people from different countries, different learning levels and different abilities. In addition to sharing educational content, it is important that tour guides manage, control, and entertain their tour groups. Training to be a tour guide includes studying training materials, shadowing veteran guides and observing their presentation styles, buddying up with veteran guides to give collaborative tours, and giving several practice tours to staff. Upon successful completion of the training period, a new guide can then begin lead public tours.

Essential Functions:

  • Leading tours of the museum, or portions of it, that last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours (standard tour lengths are one hour for museum tours and 90 minutes for Vault tours).

  • Engaging and entertaining guests on tours. Tours may include up to 50 guests.

  • Researching cars and artifacts and maintaining knowledge of the collection.

  • Preparing a tour strategy that covers a broad portion of the tour’s target while fitting within time constraints.

  • Working with other guides in research and preparation.

  • Adjusting and modifying tour content as requested by their supervisor and/or the museum administration. This includes learning information about cars that may only temporarily on display.

  • Wearing the required uniform during all tours, which includes a red Petersen polo shirt, black pants and shoes, and a nametag.

  • Attend all trainings and reading all training materials.

  • Arriving in advance of tours in order to walk through the museum and/or in advance of their first tour, making themselves aware of any changes.

  • Committing to a regular schedule while also being able to pick up additional shifts.

  • Cooperating with security and museum staff in managing groups to ensure guest safety and preservation of the collection.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@petersen.org, and include Tour Guide in the subject line.